The goal of the Best Economy forum is to create a manifesto aimed at policy makers from economy and politics on a national, European and world-wide level. The manifesto will explicitly state which measures need to be implemented in the short (2 years), medium (5 years) and long term (15 years) in order to fulfil the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

By participating in this forum you are contributing to giving substance to these demands, and as one of the entrepreneurs who are willing to take on responsibility for our future you make our voice matter.

The event has the following aims:

  • To move towards a new world economy which assumes responsibility for future generations, secures our long-term livelihood, and seeks to bring our environment, society, economy and culture into harmony.
  • To exchange and transfer experience and knowledge between companies who are multipliers and role-models for best practice in sustainable business.
  • To raise awareness among society, government and media through the invitation of prominent figures who are active in working for sustainability and are ready to share their knowledge.
  • To involve young companies and show them possible sustainable solutions for their businesses.
  • To develop and refine a shared vision of a sustainable economy, achievable by 2030. This vision will be reviewed and developed every two years, the targets set will be presented to the European Union.

The Manifesto Roadmap:

A. In separate focus groups the following questions will be discussed:

  1. Description of status quo
  2. Objective: What do we want to achieve?
  3. How can these objectives be achieved?

B. These will be our starting point to derive specific answers to the following questions:

  1. What can each individual entrepreneur do? Formulate specific arrangements for entrepreneurs
  2. What kind of political support is needed? Elaborate concrete political demands

C. These will be the foundation of our manifesto which will include:

  • Our demands on / agreements with the economy (short, medium and long term)
  • Our demands on politicians (short, medium and long term)

This is how the Best Economy forum leads the way to a responsible global economy that enables everyone to make a living and manages to balance environmental, social, economic and cultural demands.

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