Tuesday April 20th

What to expect on the first day ...

13:30 – Get together, Registration & technical check

The online platform is open for the get together and technology check

14:30 – Opening of the event by the founders

    • Manfred Jotter – International Federation for the Economy for the Common Good
    • Rica Friedl –  Verein BIO HOTELS
    • Jan Plagge – Bioland
    • Robert Hermanowski – Forschungsinstitut für biologischen Landbau

Greetings at the beginning

    • Annette von Nordeck – gwt Starnberg GmbH

15:00 – “Take action not words!“

John Strelecky (Presentation and Q&A)

The books of the bestselling author and strategy consultant have already been sold more than 6 million times and have been translated into more than 30 languages. Through his lectures and books, such as the “The Why Are You Here Café” or the “Big Five for Life”, he gets people and companies around the world to reco- gnize the purpose of their own existence and to align their own actions with it.

16:00 – “Wirtschaft ist Care”

Dr. theol. Ina Praetorius (Presentation and Q&A)

Ina Praetorius is a Swiss Protestant theologian and author whose main topics are post-patriarchal ethics and economics. She is co-founder of the Wirtschaft ist Care (WiC) network, which was founded in December 2015 and is committed to reorganizing the economy around its core business, the satisfaction of human needs worldwide.

16:45 – break

in the virtual room > possibilty for exchange

Exclusively for all-access ticket holders

For light ticket holders

17:00 – „Travel group“

What does the world need and what is my contribution to an ecologically sustainable, socially just and meaningful future?

17:00 – virtual exchange

with attendees and present companies

19:30 – Get together in the virtual room

In the evening we would like to end the first day together with all participants. In a relaxed atmosphere and also with a cold drink of your choice, we want to chat informally. This is your stage for networking and getting to know each other.