Systemic mission statement process

BEST ECONOMY forum 2021

In the systemic mission statement process, you will develop a concept for your company that will make you think from scratch. Systemic means that we do not see our organizations as standalone institutions, but as part of a far-reaching network. The mission statement serves as a starting point and a definition of goals for the desired changes and offers a structured overview of the company in its environment. You will work out a company guide over three days and clarify very basic questions, e.g. who you are, who is useful to your company and how your company would like to work with whom. You can make valuable contacts on site who will accompany you on your new path and form new teams to support you on this journey.

The process is implemented by so-called “travel groups” in which you and 9 other travelers go through the conceptual process. This allows you to make new contacts for your company immediately and forge them on joint projects.

The process is divided into four stages:

  1. Getting to know each other in the individual groups – systemic positioning
  2. What does the world need and what is my contribution to an ecologically sustainable, socially just and meaningful future
  3. The future starts now – bring my vision to life
  4. My roadmap

In the first two stages, the participants work out exactly what the vision for an ecologically sustainable, socially just and meaningful orientation of your company looks like. The lectures, participation in the travel group and working with the “BEST ECONOMY workbook” will give you inspiration on how you can shape the future of your company.

In stages three and four, various possibilities are shown how you can achieve the goal you set on the previous day. Above all, the focus groups are intended to provide the participants with “tools” that will help lead companies into a more sustainable future.