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The BEST ECONOMY forum is hosting an international discussion platform for companies who have been successful in implementing sustainability strategies. The event aims to discuss and develop genuine and realistic models of sustainability.

The conference focuses on concrete, successful strategies and introduces innovative sustainable economic approaches for businesses. The emphasis is on the exchange of ideas and bundling of strengths. By incorporating young entrepreneurs and businesses the exchange of experience will also be between generations. This enables all of those involved to learn from one another in order to implement successful solutions.

The participants of the BEST ECONOMY forum are entrepreneurs, policy makers and representatives of the civil society. They are working towards solutions for a new sustainable economy. The event aims at bringing CEOs and top executives together with managers from medium-sized, small and young companies. At the forum, everyone works together to develop viable solutions for a transparent and sustainable economy.

In 2019 the participants created a manifesto which makes concrete demands to the relevant parties in economy and politics regarding the SDG goals. The Best Economy forum 2021 shall inspire entrepreneurs by an intensive exchange of ideas to further develop their own business conepts and thus the manifesto’s vision of a sustainable economy.

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Topics & Exchange Groups

The event aims to create a vision for fair worldwide trade and a sustainable global economy by 2030. What kind of future are we hoping for?

The main topics will be discussed in focussedexchange groups: Talking with the experts is the motto of these parallel workinggroups. They are moderated thematically by sector experts or associations. The associations or initiatives that support the BEST ECONOMY forumprovide the moderators for the groupsdealing with the area of expertise. The moderators invite further speakers to their focus groups.

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